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Posted by Rawles on December 13, 2008

Behind the scenes.

Nastia on the set of her WWD shoot with a friend.

Nastia on the set of her WWD shoot with a friend.

And some outtakes.



6 Responses to “Follow-Up”

  1. Gymmie said

    I LOVE these pictures!!! Thanks so much for posting them! I hope that this is okay… I just started a new gymnastics blog a few hours ago and would love for everyone to come check it out and leave comments or suggestions! The URL is: (Called We Love Gymnastics!)

    Thanks so much! Keep up this amazing blogging!:)

  2. gh said

    Please rename this the I am a Nastia fanatic blog because that is all you cover.

  3. Rawles said

    Lulz. Sure thing!

    Since clearly I never posted about the American Cup and probable competitors there like a long aside about Bridget Sloan and how much I looked forward to her possibly getting the spotlight INSTEAD OF Nastia or Shawn and a long examination of how upset I am about Rebecca Bross’s injury and neither did I post at length about great performances from Carly Patterson, Chellsie Memmel, and Jana Bieger as well.

    Clearly, making a post about a Nastia article with an addendum with extra pictures like pretty much every other gym blog on the internet means This Blog Is All About Nastia.

    Nicely spotted.

  4. TCOisbanned? said

    Gh, I appreciated the joke. Hugs.

  5. Rawles said

    TCO, WordPress logs IPs, seriously, you’re pushing it.

  6. mushibinky said

    r u serious gh=tco kinda lame. any chance i can find a blog u not at?

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